User can search email evidences of platform like Outlook, Thunderbird, Exchange etc without installing with its fastest search module.

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There are many scenarios when forensic investigator needs to analyze email header of different email with distinct file type. Since there may various custodian of data so probably they may using different email platform. The problem get worst when the header of email is corrupted or some email has lost its integrity by changing the modification date or creation date. It may hamper the important evidences.


In this situation if the investigators are familiar with Forensic email analysis software then they can easily decrease their cost, risk & time factor. Since the software is well equipped with search facility, mail header analysis & portability feature therefore it helps in gaining your original data without hampering its quality.


This tool is proficient in finding email evidence with its powerful search filters which will results in more optimized & accurate results of emails. Also supportable to multiple file formats which define its global nature of email accessibility. Save data originality, analyze email header, convert & organize evidence, complete ediscovery, platform independency & attachment analysis are the main specification of mail header analyzer.

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Software easily converts the emails in HTML, EML, MSG & PDF format. Also create a review file for remote evidence sharing.

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Mail header analysis is accurate with its platform since it provide preview of email in HEX, HTML/RTF, MIME format for deep analysis.

This is really suitable forensic email evidence analysis tool which reduces the cost of email investigaion.
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Forensic Email Analysis Software

This forensic email analysis software let you do the complete investigation procedure with its mail header analysis, search email faster, export email evidence, manage evidence modules. It has a great support for EDB, OST, OLM, PST, MBOX, IMM, TBB, MBX etc. file types

 More Information
  •  This mail header analyzer not only analyze email header but also recover email, attachment & its header without changing the email & its internal properties.
  •  Compatible with Outlook, IncrediMail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Exchange, Mac Outlook, Eudora, MBOX email file types.
  • Fastest Search capability with different email search criteria like date wise, content wise, subject wise. Its powerful search algorithm is responsible for finding accurate results of suspected emails.
  • Deeply analyze email & attachment with the representation of email in HEX, MIME, HTML/RTF & header format.
  • Conversion of any email to other file type is the specialty of this forensic email software. The file in which user can export their evidences are: HTML, PDF, EML & MSG.
  • Also manage the forensic email evidences by providing the extra credentials of case related information.
  • It is easy to share email evidence on other machine without installing this forensic email software.